DNA Pet Lab Breed ID

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Find out the breed of your dog by comparing your dog’s DNA to over 350 breeds using the most complete DNA breed test in the world. Also includes a personalized LifePlanTM based on the breeds determined, your pet’s age, weight, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle. If you are interested in testing your dog’s health in addition to their breed we suggest you buy our Breed Identification + Disease Screening product which tests the pet’s DNA for over 200 heritable diseases & traits.

  • Interactive online report you can update.
  • Share with your veterinarian, groomer, family & friends.
  • Nutritional suggestions & daily energy needs analysis.
  • Routine health care reminders & alerts.
  • Adult weight prediction (for puppies under 12 month old).
  • Proven & trusted by thousands of veterinarians worldwide.
  • Discover the genes that make your dog’s appearance so unique.
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